Discover a Simple Way you can add additional $2,000* in sales per month to your self-storage business: Delight your Commercial Tenants

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New Revenue Stream to your Self-Storage business

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Get Instant Access to a Freight Management System

  • Delight your Commercial Tenants: 50% of your tenants are Commercial Businesses, and 80% of them require freight services at any given point in time
  • Add a New Revenue Stream: With our System, get Live Quotes on the spot for:
  • Domestic Pallets
  • Domestic Express Couriers
  • International Express
  • Multi-Carrier Could based System, All under ONE Single Invoice
  • Re-sell, Upsell and Scale!

Learn more about what others are already doing

Some time ago Storage King Alexandria recognised that many of our commercial storers had the need for freight and shipping that went beyond the traditional removalist model. After trying several different freight companies, tried InXpress.  

"What we like about InXpress is:  

  • The ability to do instant quotes for a customer while they are sitting in front of you. Add your margin of 20% to 35% or in fixed dollar amount and you'll see your selling price. Since Nov. 2015 we’ve had average sales of $2,500 per month.
  • The System is pretty simple to use but as with any new software you need to understand the intricacies. Provided the weight and dimensions are accurate we’ve never had an invoice for a different amount to the quoted price. Quote with confidence.
  • Get online tracking which you can setup to go directly to your customer. 

At Storage King Alexandria, we also sell add-on services like packing and materials. Providing this service has enabled us to secure new lets and strengthen relationships with existing commercial customers."

Ian Stockdale | Store Manager

Practical Examples


How can you assist a Commercial Customer?

A Commercial Customer who doesn’t send much freight (no freight account) needs a pallet delivered to another city. We can arrange that. Inxpress through Accufrate will get the best price allowing us a greater margin.


How can you help a walk in customer?

A consumer comes in to buy a few boxes to ship some items overseas to family or just interstate. Australia Post won’t ship items over 20kgs. We can help. With InXpress Webship we have access to different providers (TNT, Startrack, TOLL Group and DHL Express) you can choose from the fastest or cheapest option.

Join the Future of Self-Storage Revenue

Our local team at InXpress have proved to be extremely professional, efficient & experienced in their field & more importantly a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, friendly and polite. They have proved that nothing is ever too much trouble.  

The only thing you’ll need to get underway is a set of scales (get one on eBay for about $70)